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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture 4 100510Decolonization Part 1traditional powers have declined France and BritainThe impact of American Programs to secure the Western system Truman Document to reduce communist influence and the Marshall Plan sinister American plot to reduce communist influence and ensure American economic hegemonyOnly after these programs are developed does Russia Stalinize Eastern Europe to ensure AmericanWestern influence does not spread to Eastern EuropeHow were the British and French Empires impacted by the Second World WarThe first immediate result is decolonizationDecolonization is a misnomer because neither the British or French wanted the decolonization of their empires At no point did they sit down to offer equality to their coloniesthey were compelledThey tried to hold onto their empires even after there was no chance of retaining them No good will in France and Britainthe decolonization of their empires were political consequences of the warThe Atlantic Charter consequences calling the rest of the world to join the Allies to fight Germany in order to stop imperial empiresWith such a call empires and colonial rule could no longer function It was a call against tyranny and impositionmade it impossible for stEffects of the Cold War 1 sings of a clear division in the Grand Alliancethe Cold War made a bipolar world and had a huge effect on coloniesCommunism also made the possession of colonies difficult because of its antiimperialism ideologyFrance and Britain fought tooth and nail to preserve their empiresBritainThe British a world power still maintained a relatively low standard of living even after WWII 70 of the wealth belonged to 5 of the populationSomething had to be offered to the people after the warIn 1942 unless the social structure is changed Britain could not exist as a world power It needed to change into a welfare state In addition there would be paid vacations housing for the poor etc These cost money and Britain was very short on thatBritain felt that it had to hold onto its empire while offering these good changesBritain would initiate changes by offering dominion status to its colonies to join the commonwealthUsing this system both states colony and colonist could continue to live togethera coexistence which was profitable not draining to the British economy FranceFrance suffered greatly because they were defeated in 1940this ruined their reputation their defeat by Japana nonwhite nonEuropean raceThe French were associated with Germany throughout the war implications that France was complicit with the Nazis in WWIIthe French Empire also had German forced governments associated with the fascist powersFrance offered to its colonies to be part of the French Union
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