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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture 8110210Decolonization Part IIAfricaKhrushcheva new policy capitalism and communism can coexist opposite to StalinThis idea culminates in 1955 at the Geneva Conferencenone of the goals were achieved However Khrushchevs denunciation of Stalin caused problems in Poland and Greecethey criticized Khrushchevs as denouncing Stalin too soon The United States and the Suez CrisisAmerican unwillingness to make concessions today we look at consequences of a reemergence confrontation and the decolonization of Africa where the world powers Russia and American were prompted to play a part In many places the two world powers were put down imperialism however Africa had been mostly untouched at this point in time France and Britain had lost much powerThe Suez Crisis backfired Britain and France had to back down because of the international outcryeven though they had dominated the confrontation with Egypt This indicated how much the situation had changedhow much these powers had lost their military and diplomatic clout The bipolar world system changed the European state system Exacerbating the situation is that both these world powers were opposed to each other The budding national African movements were given a choice either to align with the West or with the Eastern bloc capitalism or communism Unlike the earlier independence movements in Asia and Latin America which had occurred before this bipolar world system had fully blossomed Up until this point the Soviet Union never considered playing a role in AfricaStalin dismissed the rdentire 3 world The communist part of the Soviet Union from the early 1920s had dismissed Africa Western Europe had always been the apple of their eye After Stalin died in 1953 Khrushchev had denounced Stalin and recognized that perhaps the Soviet Union could gain influence by gaining entry into the part of the world in which rdthey had never played a role the 3 world Khrushchev asserted that they could still have good relations with the United States and the west while also playing a role in Africanot doing anything would be the tacit agreement that the United States owned the rights to Africa Khrushchev argued that they could establish relationships with the budding national movements and new leaders of Africa The new arena of a struggle between the United States and Soviet Union would be in Africaand there they would be able to undermine capitalism and ensure rd communism 1 By supporting the national independence movements and gaining 3world support 2 if they win we will undermine the position of the west 3 if we can undermine the west we will have a better chance of succeeding in Europe To make a selection of a few states and invest the money in those countriesthey cannot support the entire continentthey must choose those most suitable of accepting Marxist thought Policy to create a showcase for communism in Africa if successful it will demonstrate the superiority of communism and the rest of the continent will follow on their own And thus Khrushchev followed a policy of establishing satellite states in Africa He creates a university Friendship University in Moscow which opened all African states to send their brightest students to be educated in Marxist philosophyeconomy and international statehoodthen they would return to spread these ideasThe Americans were not blind to these Soviet endeavors Their position was somewhat compromised by the very fact that their best allies were the same colonial powers that these independence movements wanted to overthrow While America
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