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Lecture 10

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture 10112310EconomicScientificetc all used as propaganda today we return to political developments picking up from the German Question and Berlin IssueThe issue of Berlin is the centralsymbolic piece of Cold War bringing together all the issues separating the East and WestFirst of all Berlin was divided symbolizing the divisions of Germany into two halves Secondly it symbolizes the division of Europe and the rest of the world into capitalist and communist camps Both sides tried to take as much advantage of their moments of superiority in order to score a point and bring a solution to the Berlin crisis Germany and EuropeThe Russians had already tried twice 1948 Stalin Solution Stalin tried to compel the Western states to give up with the Berlin Blockadethe West broke through this blockade by airlifting suppliesthis endeavor backfired because it created the incorporation of West Germany into the Western system and in thApril 9 1949 the creation of NATO In every way Stalins policy backfiredWhen Khrushchev came to power he denounced Stalin He too followed the same path In 1958 he challenges the west not in military terms but rather relying on diplomacy What does he offer Khrushchev solutionhe makes Berlin a freeneutral city that is neither western nor eastern In many ways this is a decent proposal He adds an ultimatum or else if you dont within 6 months the Soviet Union will go unilaterally recognize Eastern Berlin as a sovereign state and pull out If they do this it would only be a matter of time before East Germany swallows up Berlin Not only did the Western states deny the Russian demands they concluded an agreement with West Germany further guaranteeing its survival making a deal with the leader bringing in US missiles This compels Khrushchev to make a last ditch effort to save the solution Berlin and East Germany and to make sure the Soviet Union emerges from this dilemma successful and victorious This compels Khrushchev to reevaluate the ultimatumhe realizes it came across as a threat this was not a diplomatic gesture Khrushchev backs down to show good will The first thing he does is draw the deadlinethe Soviet Union is still willing to determine the issue of Berlin diplomaticallywe should settle the German issue through negotiation No longer a deadline This retreat opened up a little door The first demonstration came from a visit by British Prime Minister Macmillan Come and visit and lets see if we can come to an agreement on a host of issuesKhrushchev It was important for Russia to remove the constraints of the Missile Crisis and threat of Nuclear War Macmillan travels to Russia and both sides almost end up in a fight The first cracks in Western Unity appear when Khrushchev agrees to give up the dealine but also negotiate the issue of East Germany Up until now Russia recognizes Easter Germany as a sovereign statehe says they
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