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Lecture 13

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture 13January 25 2011By the early 1960s the image of freedom fighter America was undermined by the Vietnam WarThe Vietnam War almost single handedly sinked American prestigeOther Regional ConflictsThe Western HemisphereThe western hemisphereAmerican CIA attempt to overthrow the democratic regime in Guatemala Thereafter America made it part of its foreign policy to keep an eye and prevent any communist takeoverProblem of the Cuban Revolution first communist state in the western hemisphereAmerican policymakers determined that Latin American countries had conditions perfect for communist takeover bad local conditions poverty etcKennedy had an answer to this Alliance for Progresseconomic aid to Latin AmericaLatin America expected in return a reward after WWII for the help they offered the United States in natural resources Latin America expected Marshall Aid This was not the caseHaving realized that Cuba could become a bridgehead for the USSR Kennedy initiated the Alliance for Progress to offer financial aid to Latin America in 20 billion dollars The Latin Americans would have to come up with another 20 billion dollars for it to workThey thought this would alleviate poverty create an economic boom foster democracy increase the standard of livingthere would be no need for them to seek a socialist takeover or to install a socialistcommunist government They thought that Latin America would stay within the American spheres of influenceLatin America lacked the transportation infrastructure that Europe had Latin America did not have educated elite a viable middle class etc The investment that the United States put in was never matched by Latin America itselfthe ruling elites pocketed the moneynothing filtered down to the lower strata Poverty remained a reality Furthermore the organizations and companies that were stationed in Latin America did not foster economic growth but exploit Alliance for Progress failed to achieve its objectiveit stagnated the Latin American economyconditions remained very much the same prone to social revolution and the spread of MarxismcommunismJohnson was disappointed in the Latin American states to help themselves and was obsessed with the issue in Latin Americawhen he took over from Kennedy his involvement in Latin America was limitedThe Mann Doctrine Stability and DependabilityMarch 1964 it stated the following From this point on 1964 the US would not really care what sort of government is in power in Latin America whether democratic or dictatorial as long as that state is reliable and dependable and offers regional stability Significance They agreed to support any Latin American country regardless of whether its a democracy or a dictatorship it didnt matter for Washington whether they supported a military dictatorshipthis meant protecting American interest and fighting the communist By doing this they further
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