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Lecture 17March 1 2011The Second Cold War 198185A New Era in USSoviet RelationsRonald Reagan replaces Carter as the second Cold War beginsRonald Reagan understood the potential of the American economy he was a capitalist democraticWe just need to challenge the US to an economic racean economic competitionand this will destroy themHe renounces dtentehe rejects it as the wrong way to deal with the Soviet UnionHe believed in neoconservative policyHe wanted to reinitiate Containment but add to it Liberation Support all political partiesgroups that would work against communismHe initiated his own doctrine the Reagan Doctrine Any force that fights communism would find support in the United States both political and military support finances training weaponryeverything to aid the overthrow of a communist system The Soviet Union misunderstood Reagan They thought Reagan would be open to discussion When he came to power the Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko declared that there was no difference between this administration and the Carter one He saw that Reagan would try to undo all the progress the US and USSR had achieved Reagan wrote a letter to Brezhnev showing his willingness to negotiate on any outstanding issue The Soviet Union did not trust Reagan and rejected thisApril 1981 Reagan lifts the Grain Embargo Reagan was not doing this for Russia he was doing it for the American economy Foreign policy was less of a priority for Reagan than to lift the United States out of his debt 1 billion dollars cut taxes balance the budget deregulations bringing in legislation against trade unions and following in the footsteps of another Conservative who had come to power in Britain Margaret Thatcher This is known as Reaganomics By lifting the Gran Embargo Reagan wanted to satisfy the American farmers The first item that needed reenforcement was the American militaryThe Years of FearCaspar Weinberger The US Military is the only thing that could pressure the Soviet UnionIf we want to contain the USSR we need to build up our militaryDuring his first 3 years no meaningful achievementagreement was signed no progress was made between the US and USSRReagan offers further aid to the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to throw off the yoke of Soviet He offered arms to communist China The Chinese fearing the technological superiority of the USSR needed aid Technological aid that would help the Chinese withstand a Russian attackThe most remarkable actions came in 1983 In a public speech in Florida he declared the Soviet Union an Evil Empirerotten from the roots Every trouble in the world every hot spot has a connection to the communist Soviet Union This was followed by another proposal SDI This would remove the MAD
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