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March 8th

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

The Second Cold War in Latin America Instability in the Western Hemisphere - Nixon administration heavily involved in Vietnam War and pursuit of dtente - Latin America only had one major international incident - Latin America trade with US was declining in the 50s - G77: demanded redistribution of wealth - Carter opposed Soviet Union on human rights and Latin American (Right-wing) dictatorship - economic aid conditional on improvement of human rights - received criticism from Washington if basic human rights violated - Reagan: support and help for every force that was willing to force communism - to uphold a Western-style, capitalism system regardless of repression - to make sure Central America would not lose any more states to communism - he ignored economic aid must be a vital component, because of his own requirements at home - jeanna: huge differences between dictatorships (that regularly oppress their people and violate human rights). In general, dictatorships do not go well with western hemispheres, but they are also pro-America and open to capitalism, there is always a chance in due time, once the political and domestic pressure is reduced, these states will eventually transform into new and genuine and democratic systems. - double standards: dictatorships in Eastern Europe do violate human rights, but they are anti-America and anti-capitalist. - cannot live with Eastern Europe dictatorships - El Salvador: - fear of Marxism - importance for Reagen to deal with Nicaragua because Nicaragua involved itself in El Salvador The Contragate - Nicaragua: total dictatorship in 1967 - Sandinistas challenged the Somoza - by 1979, they do manage to overthrow the regime, supported by Mexico and Costa Rica - it was not a Leftish liberation movement even though it received aid from Cuba, etc. - bourgeois political - established a Leftist political regime - had connections to Cuba, but not Marxist - enough for Carter to isolate them - Carter was in a dilemma
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