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April 5th

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Quo Vadis IR? - Paris Peace Treaty did not work out - the result - Wilsons idea to create a world organization was not a bad idea, but given the worlds troubles all over Europe made it impossible for it to work - USA pulled out - Germany as a defeated nation - potentially one of the strongest state in Europe - added to problems - Britain and France had own interests pursuing their own world empire - holding onto their empire - made it doomed from the beginning - the Atlantic Charter and the UNs aim could never be fulfilled - instead of working together - the two primary states of the grand alliance, the US and the Soviet Union, fell apart and ended up in a conflict between each other - no less than 45 years of competition - they fought for superiority - who was to be blamed for the Cold War? - what factors made it such an issue to last for almost half a century almost impossible to work together - to create a stable world system where cooperation would be main slogan instead of conflict - ideological divide the Soviet Union and th
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