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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS344 12/09/25 Early Cold War 9/25/2012 1:06:00 PM The Truman Doctrines  Europe devastated by WWII, Germany was reaching starvation.  There was an understanding that Russia would be compensated for helping and be compensated for the damages from Germany.  West Germany particularly was in bad shape, they had starving people and no other states could help due to financial issues. When the standard of living in Germany dropped below eating 1000 calories a day. Starvation was such a serious issue that they needed to find a way to help or else they would rise up and start another war.  The British voluntarily removed themselves from the East of Germany (Turkey and Greece). They placed the responsibility on helping Germany on the United States. Americans feared economic collapse in Europe. Americans had to hold up the western parts of Germany.  They understood that this required a large amount of money to do. At this time congress was taken over by republicans , and they wanted to make large cuts to the government. Truman said – There is a chance for the communists to take over (black and white terms) US reveals its policy to be against the Soviet Union.  This worked to get congress to bail out the western part of Europe. The Emergence of the Bipolar World  The Marshall Plan o Europe had to come up with certain degrees of cooperation between European States. o US supervision of their economic plans.  World Bank o Lend money to any state for reconstruction and redevelopment  IMF o Give any states loans if they were in economic difficulties.  US had control over these and had a 13% vote on everything and has always been run by an American banker. o Russians had to make deals as well  Soviets had to open up their economies to American bankers and they had to open their markets to Americans. This was obviously unacceptable to the Russians and Stalin.  European Economic Recovery and Integration o The 16 states that agreed to all these stip
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