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Jerzy Borzecki

Midterm covers 19171940 Essay question 1 out of 370 Identifications 2 out of 720Nameplaceissues Source 101 of 3 sources found on blackboard what the passage is referring to 1930s The Politburo in 1929Modernizing the system more modern than the west itself the goal of the Stalin regime overcome and be the forefront of the future a novel ideaWorking for profit from the Marixist POV a failure o With the end of the net system everything is owned by the state and thereby the people as the state works very much in the interest of the systemin theoryConstitution Soviet is a socialist state for the WORKING people o First socialist state in the world which proclaims itself as such o Meaning what If you are a citizen of a soc state you must be in favour of socialism o Leading state in the world citizens have freedoms civil rightsIn practice if one is against soc then one faces difficulties within this highly ideological state193536 much was accomplished how so o Number of cities o Modernized factories steelworks mines etc o Industries flourishing o 30 of pop lived in citiesmajor change for the previously feudal country 15 prior Modern tech such as cars o One could nott privately own a car so why produce it o Members of high gov officials necessary to have transportation between placeseducation shaped to make the Socialist Man o implemented ideas in books StalinGeorgian not RussianClaims that Stalin was not smartIt was Trotsky who had written many mediocre criticisms about Stalin o Stalin was actually extremely pragmatic and cunning in his political acts o Not necessarily wise as this dealt with moral judgement o But he was formidable as a statesmanHard working studied serious minded man On Social Life
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