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Lecture 1 Week 1

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Jerzy Borzecki

thHIS 35120 Century RussiaLecture 1 Week 1thSeptember 12 2011oTwo major forces in RussiaoForces for changeoForces for status quoPeasants were for status quoThey were obliviousoPeasants wanted more landoUntil 1851 50 of peasants had been serfsoThe other 50 were state peasantsoIn 1861 the Tsar freed the serfsoSerf practices were of the typical natureoShared work on landoVillage communes were establishedoOwned the landoHouseholds were large familiesoMale dominatedoUnmarried daughtersoRuled by the male head of houseLimitless poweroNo private property in the housethe house owned alloWhen the father died the sons would form their own householdsoOnly men could be on the village counciloCouncil decided what actions to takeHad to be followedoVillage commune had to pay a tax as a wholeoCouncil acted as a court of justiceoThe abolishment of serfdom saw the peasants still linked to the village communesoThe council split land with fairness in mindoLand was fragmented due to the attempt to have equal land quality for alloEvery 1012 years land was repartitionedoLarger households got more landoFamilies tended to have many childrenoExplains the rapid growth past 1861over 50oPeasants of Russia were land hungryoLand ownership didnt make sense to themoTravesty that the land lords had so much landWas seen as unjustoSome peasants went to town to work in the factoriesoNot permanent
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