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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Week 3

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Jerzy Borzecki

thHIS 35120 Century RussiaLecture 3 Week 3September 26th 2011RecapthoThe Revolution starts on January 9BloodyBlack SundayoThe Revolution ends with the October ManifestoMore rights to the peopleThe people thought that the parliament would now be in chargethis was not the caseRadical LeftoWanted to still wage the campaign of terrorthe SRsMany bombs go off 4500 state officials are killed or maimed9000 other innocent people are killedwoundedRadical RightoThe rightists felt that the Tsar was forced to sign the manifestooThe Black Hundredthey hunted leftists and blamed the Jews for many of the problemsPerceived the Jews as leftistsThe Jews were often talented and hard workingMass scale violencePeasantsoThey sought to drive out their landlordsoBegan causing trouble for the landlordsTsar felt he did what was required of himoDidnt want to grant anymore concessions felt that it wasnt worth itFundamental LawsoName of the new constitutionoThere are basic civil rights in RussiaParliamentoTwo chambersUpper ChamberState CouncilPuppets of the TsarLower ChamberState DumaThe representatives voted in by the people1 gentry vote45 peasant votesSign a new law duma council and tsaroThe State Council is named by the Tsar and for the first time there is a leader of the State Council the prime ministerThe State Council is responsible to the tsar and not the dumaoThe State duma has to approve the budgetoThe military is still in the tsars control
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