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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Week 6

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Jerzy Borzecki

thHIS 35120 Century RussiaLecture 5 Week 6October 17th 2011oAfter 1917 Mensheviks and SRs are very involved in the governmentoReluctant to join at firstoMensheviks are MarxistBelieved the development of Communism takes timeoverthrow feudalismdevelop capitalism than transition to socialismLenin claims they can transition to socialism within 5 monthsoLenin returns from exile in Aprildidnt want the Bolsheviks to side with the Mensheviks and the SRsThe Mensheviks and the SRs wanted the Bolsheviks to join with them all as parties of the leftoIn the spring of 1917 the Bolsheviks are the smaller of the left partiesoLenin realizes he will need the support of the massesTook a stance of peace towards the Great Warwanted to end itPeasants had to fight and leave their landthus they could not work and support their familiesWanted to give all land owned by gentrychurch to the peasantsAll land should be nationalized and used by the stateThe factories should be ruled from the centerno bossesoThe government in power led by Prince Wolfe is doing quite poorlyoRussians are taking heavily casualties in the warRussian offensiveoThe government is blamed for the failuresoA socialist takes over in power in JulyKarenskyoThey are for the status quo slightlypart of the problem by participating for the governmentoThe masses turn to the Bolsheviks because they are against the government and against the status quooA system of dual power didnt workthe Soviets adopt a slogan of all power to the sovietsrdthoJuly 3 and 4 there was street fighting which was lost by the BolsheviksoGovernment goes after the BolsheviksoLenin goes into hidingFinlandoMany are sent to jailoTrotsky had always been a Menshevik but believed the Bolsheviks had a good ideasseizure of poweroNo factions in the Bolsheviksmany in the other partiesoTrotsky is a good speaker and flashyLenin not as much although Lenin is a brilliant mindoTrotsky is put in jail until the end of the summer
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