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Jerzy Borzecki

HIS351 Lecture 1 9122011 11000 PM Jerzy BorzeckiSS3111 Mon 23 JerzyborzeckiutorontocaPipes A Concise History of the Russian Revolution19001917 Suny The Soviet Experiment19001944First Term Mid Year test 25 final grade Paper20 of final grademust come up with own topic y Proposal worth 5 of final grade Title Thesis some sourcesSecond Term End of year exam worth 25Book Review25LectureRussia in 1900s was a society that was rather strange in the sense that there were two major forces strugglingforces for change and forces for the status quothen of course the peasants who werent really sure what was up but were more or less for the status quo they ddnt really know what they wanted thus didnt want change happy with way of ancestors They DID however want to get some more landWe must remember that in 1900 there was still an intense memory of serfdom up until 1861 half of all peasants were serfsa serf wasnt reallyslave but they were bound to their village if they wanted to be moved they had to ask the landlord or sometimes the landlord would move themthe half of peasants who werent serfs were state peasantsIn 1861 the Tsar freed all the serfs this didnt mean they were free to move as they pleased though it meant that the landowner lost the free labour of the serf he had to pay them for labour
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