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HIS351 Lecture 2 9192011 11100 PM RecallPeasants really didnt want much change other than wanting to acquire the land the gentry ownedthese rural peasants made up 45ths of the population of the countryPhotograph of village councilonly men sitting at the table Who really wanted the country TO change we must first understand that all power is in the hands of the tsarhis word is law and every aspect of ones life is controlled or devoted to the state y the peasants however didnt really have much of a care for the statepurely interested in their village lives So who DID want change tho Second half of the 19 centuryreform of educational system sees a growing number of educated people who had many opinions about the state the gentry didnt like thisThe Intelligentsia all of the educated people who were not happy with the system of power that there was and wanted to see changea lot of them were young men who wanted to do away with the way things were y Quite a few feel that not only the political system is flawed but the whole bourgeois system Around 1900 there are various political parties formed Prior to 1905 they could only be formed underground as being a member of a party would be a serious crime3 Parties are formedMost Radical Party on the LeftSocialistRevolutionary SRassumed system needed to be changed by violent means
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