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Jerzy Borzecki

HIS351 Lecture 4 1022011 15400 PM Inflation starts to occur prices of shit start going up in Russia y Before 1914 the ruple had been very stable y When the war starts you can no longer exchange bank notes for gold y Now major companies are working towards the war as well y Salaries HAVE gone up but not as much as the inflated prices y Vodka ceases to be sold and the government no longer makes a lot of money off of itthey used to make a shitloadThe Tsar doesnt really want to be tsar he more or less leaves his wife in charge of the home front when he leaves for the war y She is a German princess who cam to Russia at 20 to marry the Tsar She doesnt speak very good Russian and doesnt really understand the country very well Her understanding is that Russia loves to feel the whip and so the Tsar should be a real strong tsar opponents should be crushed y Generally speaking the people support the Tsar So any trouble really is caused by a handful of leftistsy The only problem is that the Tsar is not a man who would crush anyone he is too nice or weak o Thus its HER mission to be the tough person y She had a very important advisor named Rasputin o Rasputin was a peasant healer who lived somewhere in Siberia He was very famous there because he actually can heal Told the masses his powers were given to him by God y The problem with the Tsars family is that the heir to the throne Alexis is ill with Hemophilia the family is desperate So they get Rasputin and HE ACTUALLY STOPS THE BLOOD FLOW Unrealy So he stays around so that he can be on hand in case anything happens y Tsarina actually begins to think this man is saintly or divine in some way Only problem is that he was widely known as a drunkard and a womanizer scandal after scandal he depends on the empress to bail him out she would assume that it was all slander
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