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HIS351 Lecture 5 10172011 11400 PM According to Marxists y The question was when the socialist revolution would occur they KNEW it would It was like a science y Lenin comes in and says we can have a socialist revolution in as little as 5 months even though capitalism needs time to develop firstin order for tensions to grow and stuff o Working class must be strongAnyways the Bolsheviks are a relatively small party right now Lenin can see this and must convince masses y Explains that we stand for peace and the end of the war y Maintains that all land owned by gentry and church should go to the peasants o From the Marxist point of view this is a short cutas all land really should go to the state but Lenin is still down for it if it makes him popularBasically will do anything for anyoneso to speakIn the meantime the government is in troublefailure on the front leads to blame of PrinceA socialistKerensky leads the country as PM starting in July y Before this beginning of july there is major riot in the capitalsoldiers pissed off about being moved to the front o These unhappy with the status quo turn to the Bolsheviksonly party who isnt for the status quo Mensheviks and SR are tainted as they participate in the governmentBig fight 400 people get killed Bolsheviks loseLenin thus must go into hidinggoes to Finland Many Bolsheviks are sent to jailTrotsky who had always been a Menshevik came from the states to Russia and felt that the Bolsheviks had it rightseizure of powerThere comes a huge shortage of both food and fuelthe situation going from bad to worse People in charge dont know what to do they are fighting this unsuccessful warthere is no real way out
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