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HIS351 Lecture 6 10242011 11000 PM Alright so y Pipes book is for 19001917 o Harvard profone of the greatest profs of the past whileHe is very much to the right This does matter when you deal with soviet history because the wounds havent really healed yet the facts however are all there y As for the Suny book basically the whole period19171941 end of term basically o He on the other hand is to the left Not as much to the left as pipes is to the right but still y Learn to separate fact from slant imagine pipes calling Lenin acoward This isa JUDGEMENT call Not factThe Civil War y Lasted three years Started very soon after seizure of power by Bolsheviks in fall 1917 y Pretty obvious that civil war would follow had support of 5060 of working class but this was a small group Thus most people didnt support the seizure of power so pretty obvious there would be a backlash y From a Marxist point of view a civil war is a just warit is class strugglethe progression of society so the Bolsheviks were fine with it Three phases y 191718 y second stage begins in late 1918 and lasts until 1919 y third stagemore or less one yearFirst stage there is some fighting but small scale not big armies y Spring 1918 the Czechoslovak legion who had been fighting for the central powers but were captured by Russia volunteered in 1917 to fight the central powers y But then the Bolsheviks end the war once the peace was signed the Czechoslovaks had nothing there to do they wanted to leave
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