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HIS351 September 19, 2011 Lecture #2 Intelligentsia – people who are intelligent and are now happy with the how the power in the country is held  Most of them were young males Things were changed by using violence, force and terror. They employed terror to change Russia, there way of thinking was that the tsarist power in Russia were so simplified, if you could assonate the tsar or another high official, the system’s foundation was thought that it would malfunction. SOCIALR EVOLUTIONARY S Exploiters – landowners, factory owners Exploited (toilets) – peasants They want the land to be turned over to them, so they will no longer be exploited.  by the Tsar (state) This idea was known as “The Socialization of the Land” Very popular with the peasants Main idea was for all of the land to be used by the peasants Social Democrats:  They are a Marxist party  Basically say that the next revolution to come will be the working class coming into power  Thought, that the solution was that the state should come together with the working class, and the peasants too. Not a big fan of employing terror. o You have to work with the masses  Marxism is seen as a Science Feudalism a. landowners call the shots b. peasants struggle against them c. bourgeous – working class Capitalism Socialism The problem: if you are planning on socializing the land, then the peasants aren’t going to support you. You really can’t come into power without the support of the peasants (largest class) Here comes Lenin st 1 stage – give all the land to the peasants, take it from the gentry this should strengthen the social stage 2nd stage – then you nationalize, the state takes back the land, and the peasants work on the land. (Basically makes the peasants the working class) All of the working class, wants better working conditions and to be paid more. Lenin writes “What is to be done?”  how are we going to get to socialism if the workers don’t want it  his approach, that the working class didn’t know what was good for them o therefore the Marxist needed to form a small party of people who will sacrifice their lives for the cause (determinists, professional revolutionarys) o these are people who are Marxist who would sacrifice their lives for the cause.  1898 was formed  splint in 1903 To factions inside the Marxist party Bolshevicks –  Lead by Lennin  Bolshlevicks were mostly Russian 80%, rest were non-russia
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