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HIS351 October 15 - The Civil War

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Professor Bernstein

HIS351 – October 15, 2012 1  Peasants = leave me alone  Workers = rights, political control o Superstructure = Bolsheviks, base = proletariat  Bolsheviks won o T: terror, R: class division  War Communism o T: leap into communism, R: emergency response  Legacy o T: proof of Bolshevik desires, R: formative experience  'breathing space' o Before civil war, "bourgeois" people still pissy about the Bolsheviks in power o No government outside Russia likes the Bolsheviks o Other parties were kicked out of government by the Bolsheviks  Kadets, December 1917  Constitutional Assembly, January 1918  Left SRs, March 1918 (uprising in July 1918 after Brest-Litovsk)  Mensheviks and Soviet SRs, June 1918 o Left SR wanted to assassinate the German Ambassador to restart a war with Germany and force blame on the government  Food shortage continues o Tried to control grain/food/consumer products --> failed o Formed a Food Commissariat that did nothing because they couldn't o Internal trade ties don't exist, no market  NATIONALIZATION o Slow until July 1918 because there's concern for big industries  Marxist Contradictions o Land to peasants vs. bread to city workers o Nationalization vs. syndicates  National Self-Determination o Germany wanted puppet states therefore didn't want "independent" referendums  Lenin - give in, we can't fight, i.e. peace at all cost  Trotsky - no peace, no war (no formal agreement)  Left - revolutionary war o Lenin's was picked because it was a compromise between the two of them  Brest-Litovsk = peace at all cost o 30% of the population, industrialized areas gone to Germany as satellite states o Entente was like WTF Russia?! We're in this together! o Russian foreign debt annulled  Civil War o Green --> peasants/anarchists, like small whites o Whites --> army was anyone and everyone who disliked Russia and/or the Bolsheviks  Weren't centralized, weren't organized, had foreign $  Armies everywhere but they were all fighting independently  Divided didn't conquer HIS351 – October 15, 2012 2 o Reds --> lead by Trotsky, awesomeness personified  Centralized traditional army (used old officers, bad Trotsky)
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