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Candice Sobers

HIS378 Lecture Notes March 6 , 2013 I. Things FallApart • 1968 bad year! • Tet Offensive • Loosing the propaganda War • Many see that the outcome of the Vietnam War is at best a stalemate • Robert Maclmaray leaves • Lyndon popular vote declines substantially • LBJ Chooses not to run, and dies the most quickly after leaving presidential elections • 1968-1975: Nixon • “Vietnamization” • Cambodia Campaign (1970) i. Kent and Jackson State • Peace talks: just before Watergate, says he will run on a platform of peace with honor” and argues that because they signed for peace it actually was a victory • Last US troops leave (1973) • Fall of Saigon (1975) II. Takin’it to the Streets • March 1965 – SDS organizes first teach-in • April 1965 – SDS and SNCC organize first major protest, a march on Washington, DC. 25,000 participate • Things begin to escalate: • November 1965 – (Quaker) Morrison self-immolates at the Pentagon- deliberately mimking the actions of the Buddhists • Spring 1967 – MLK speaks out against Vietnam War, beyond the Vietnam speech. One movement aligning themselves against another movement • 400,000 march in Ainti-Vietnam War protest from central park in New York to the united nations building • October 1967 – march on Washington, MOBE • August 1968 – riots erupt outside the DNC in Chicago • “global 1968”: Protests erupt all over the globe (Paris, Mexico City, Prague) • Assassinations of MLK and RFK • Yippees: you
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