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Lecture 1

HMB265H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Gene Therapy, Habitat Destruction

Human Biology
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Maria Papaconstantinou

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Lecture 1 - What is Genetics?
What is Genetics?
How is genetics relevant to you?
Genetics: the Science of Inheritance
What is inherited?
How is it inherited?
Where does heritable variation come from?
How do heritable traits change over time?
Genetics: Why Do We Care?1) Medicine
many common and rare diseases are inherited
even infectious diseases can have a genetic component
(e.g. AIDS, malaria resistance)
understanding the genetic basis of disease can lead to the development of new
treatments and allow for important screening
Ultimate Goals of Medical Genetics
1. New treatments-identifying disease genes helps in efforts to cure.
2. Diagnosis and prediction -Do I have a (presymptomatic: not yet shwon symptoms)
disease, & what is the chance that my child will have it also?
3. Gene therapy -Replacement of “diseased” gene with “normal” gene: still
4. Pharmacogenomics-How does my genetic makeup affect my response to drugs?
Genetic Predictions = Genetic Counselling
-genetic counsellors help in assessing risk, recommending tests, interpreting results
Ethical Concerns About Medical Genetics in Society
Screening: How to interpret ‘probability’ of contracting disease?
Should we test for diseases with no cure?
Privacy (employers, insurance)
Gene therapy: what counts as ‘normal’ vs. ‘disorder’?
Can a company patent my genes?
Genetics: Why do we care? - 2) Agriculture
crop and livestock improvement rely on understanding of genetics of important traits
genetic engineering becoming widespread practice
genetic diversity of crops and livestock affects their long-term survival
Genetics: Why Do We Care? - 3) Conservation
habitat destruction reduces genetic diversity
genetic diversity affects a species’ ability to adapt to changing environments
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