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Lecture 1

HMB265H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Michelle French, Malcolm Campbell, Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism


Human Biology
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Michelle French

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Human Bio Lecture 1
- This is needed to help us with third and fourth year courses
- Even if you never take genetics again in the future in detail, we need
these concepts for some other life science courses
- It provides knowledge for the future because genetics will become a
critical aspect of your life
- Even if you don’t stay in science you will probably be at some point
in your life where you need to make a genetic decision
- We will learn about gene therapy as well
- We will talk about tools geneticists use to examine genetics
- Because it's impossible to do all types of experiments on humans
because you can’t tell 2 people to mate today and such, we can’t do
that so we use model organisms
- We use them to illustrate genetic points
- When possible we’ll talk about human genetics as well
- You need to have successfully completed BIO240, if you failed and
once we know your marks, you will be kicked out and you can take
it during the summer or take a BIO250
- If you have questions ask her
- Develop good understanding of genetics through all kinds of ways,
tutorials, lectures, assignments etc
- Learn the scientific terminology, understand fundamental concepts
- You must know the material and go beyond, apply the knowledge
you learn but background goals are to enthuse us, delve into the
knowledge, give us enthusiasm and ultimately try to inspire some
scientists in the group

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- French teaches first half of the course, the first half is designed to
follow molecular biology we’ve followed (BIO240)
- There will be stuff we already learned but stuff we haven’t will also
be taught, this will link to the classical genetics all the way up to
population genetics
- This is why course is set up this way, we have molecular knowledge
already and then we learn about early knowledge of genetics and
these things
- Look at genes and go to phenotype which is what organism looks
- Professor Campbell will look at phenotype of an organism and know
what the genotype must be which is backwards from what Michelle
- French is the course coordinator
- Tutor is a grad student in molecular bio
- They are senior grad students actually so ask them about their
research and apparently they’re all very smart
- Tutorial questions are all laid out already we can do them all already
- There will be the discussion board so you can go there and ask
questions, answer questions of students
- Put the subject, lecture number, slide and topic to help students look
for relevant subjects
- They no longer look at biome

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

- Lecture handouts are on the website, they are guided notes where
you need to add more notes onto those notes, there are no fill ins
- You still need to write things down
- They are meant to complement the textbook and best if you read
them in advance
- They highlight what are important
- They want us to take notes from the textbook…or at least read it
- You must get the textbook
- The solution manual is great so do as many as possible, selected
problems will be assigned and solution manual will explain it
- Readings will be from textbook as well and there are online
animations as well
- Lectures and textbooks are free for examination
- Detailed course outline contain stuff for this
- Start reading now, approx 30 pages a week, not a full chapter really,
less info than a full chapter
- Annotate the notes you take during lecture…
- Mandatory and apply knowledge you learn, pretutorial questions are
- Form basis of weekly quizzes, forces us to learn the information in a
timely fashion
- Know the tutorial info as well, just do those tutorial questions really
- Go to tutorial at assigned time, info for room is on course website
later this week on Friday
- If you haven’t signed up for tutorial, then go on ROSI now
- Iclickers are in tutorial, you won’t get a mark in tutorial unless you
use your iclicker
- Use your UTORid
- Go to iclicker website
- Just and register with UTORID
- Bright iclicker to all tutorials
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