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Human Biology
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Stephen Wright

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LECTURE 01: Introduction
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18 – genetics hugely relevant to the real world
Genetics applied to everyday life constantly
Also underlying various aspects of biology
19 – Genetics asks these questions
20 – medical genetics a growing field
Genetic basis
Resistance to HIV, malaria have a genetic component
Disease not purely environmental
Genetic basis: genetic cause of a disease
Mutation at DNA level
21 – human chromosomes
Different human traits mapped onto chromosomes – variation at each site
How variation is inf luencing different traits
22 – mutations at each chromosomes that effect chances of getting specific diseases
Variation at DNA level influence variation in these traits
23 – 1) ex. diabetes complex
Much promise for these goals
4) individuals vary in drug response
24 – assess risk, advise test, interpret results, etc.
25 – private sector component
27 – what is truly a disease and what is natural variation?
28 – bigger and better crops to improve food supply
30 – inheritable component, DNA, encodes proteins, which affect traits
31 – cannot read genome to determine personality
Must avoid genetic determinism
32 – become sceptical about genetics claims
33 – arrows indicate in human chromosomes regions where genes identified individuals chance of getting
type 2 diabetes
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