HMB265H1 Lecture : Notes taken during lecture

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8 Mar 2011
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HMB265H1 Full Course Notes
HMB265H1 Full Course Notes
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Must use the preimplantation article in introduction. Cannot determine what genes or loci underly the quantitative trait. how to find the traits underlying is the focus of these 2 lectures. A quantitative effect attributed to two or more important genes (typo on slide) by genetic mapping techniques and by associating. Molecular markers genes and the different genotypes that associated with them. alleles and their different combinations that arise. Step1: cross individuals inbred but differing at trait of interest. genetically identical but differ significantly at the trait of interest, size. genetic variation is zero so any phenotypic variation seen in individuals is. F2 due to both environmental and genetic influence. Step3 extract dna from each of f2 individuals and genotype each for a set of marker-loci distributed throughout the genome or along all the chromosomes do for all individuals. genotype each individual at all marker loci, including snps, flps, microsatellites www. notesolution. com.