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Class Notes for HMB435H1 at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

UTSGHMB435H1C.Mc CullochFall

HMB435H1 Lecture Notes - Integrin, Hemidesmosome, Focal Adhesion

OC3712 Page
24 Dec 2010
Ecm  not an inert glue or scaffolding.  mechanical: tensile and compressive strength and elasticity. Protection: buffer against ec change and retenti
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HMB435H1 Lecture Notes - Icam2, Vcam-1, Icam-1

OC3712 Page
24 Dec 2010
Leukocyte emigration can be subdivided into a series of steps or stages: tethering/rolling (transient adhesive interactions) arrest. Firm or stable adh
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Lecture Summary

OC3712 Page
24 Dec 2010
Secreted proteins, 8-11 kda with c" a-helix, 3 anti-parallel b-strands, and activate gpcr and gag. Alpha or cxc: first two conserved cysteines separate
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UTSGHMB435H1Andras KapusFall

HMB435H1 Lecture Notes - Covalent Bond, Actin, Integrin

OC95092 Page
10 Sep 2013
Migration: requires a machinery to convert chemical energy to kinetic energy two types of migrations: mesenchymal and ameboid. two types of ameboid mig
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