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HPS211 2013.02.5 Lecture Notes

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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
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Curtis Forbes

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February 5, 2013 – Lecture Notes HPS211 The Maxwellian Revolution Maxwells system - Where magnetism comes from is not explained in his system - Fields - Did not offer an explanation of where magnetism or electricity came from but did present some possible explanations - Thought that some sort of ‘ether’ was behind the phenomena - Thought that light was electromagnetic waves Cambridge Mathematics - Became the most popular destination for schooling in Britain (Cambridge) - It became necessary to have a tutor at Cambridge - As coaching became the norm in the late 18 c it became more ad more difficult to separate the good students - The final exams at Cambridge started to rank students more in math to distinguish students - While traditionally the final exams would be held orally the ^ emphasis in math and the ^ in students led to exams being held on pen and paper - Very mathematical system, very difficult - This meant that graduates were very skilled at graduation Weber’s Program - Charges as point particles o So all electrical charges had to come from point particles o This included magnetic phenomena - Tried to find the properties of the electrically charged particles in their labs - Primary occupation was the measurement of constants - Many of their findings was actually incorporated into maxwell’s system - A benefit of this system was that unlike maxwell’s system it was consistent with
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