HPS319H1 Lecture Notes - Andreas Vesalius, Making Money, Marcello Malpighi

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History Of Medicine II (Lecture One) September 12 2012
Why do we trust healers?
By word of mouth
(1891) Painting to reassure patients of interest in care
Concern with making money rather than in the healing process
Ideas Associated With The 17TH 19TH Century
The body is fluid and must be kept in balance
Blood-letting: Prevalence of more of one humor, Used to balance body
Doctors to examine urine (an indication of the health of the body)
Examine the outside of the body (Surface of the skin to indicate interior wellness)
Formation of social spaces (i.e. Barber Shops as a place to shave and blood-let)
Mondino writes Anathomia in the 1300’s before writing was prevalent
Examined the anatomy of animals and compared them with that of humans
Early 16TH c. Vesalius argues against Galen’s theories
Vesalius takes the claim to have started a new era of anatomy
Anatomical dissection carried out in private and public spaces
William Harvey (The idea that BLOOD is NOT PRODUCED but FORMED
Rene Descartes (The idea that the HEART is a MECHANICAL PUMP)
G. Borelli (The idea that the BODY is a MACHINE)
Malpighi (BOLOGNA- 1ST use of the Microscope)
Exploitation of Patients (Toronto Asylum- Patients built the wall without pay)
Microscope (Used in the 17TH c. yet endorsed in the 19TH c.)
Sequah (Widespread Phenomenon- People dressing up as cowboys) Tooth
Idea that the BODY becomes SOLID, Surgery changes, BODY looked at IN
Surgery as Butchery (Surgeons portrayed as gentlemen)
Chloroform introduced (Sudden deaths from anesthetic)
19TH c. Popular media used to educate the public (i.e. Germ Theory)
Part 1: Key Words/Definitions
Part 2: Passage Identification and Commentary
Part 3: Short Essay
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