PHS300H1 Lecture Notes - Trans Man, Ontario Health Insurance Plan, Condom

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Published on 8 Jan 2013
Provision of funding to community programs to effected communities.
- Priority population (may be sensitive to this vocab)
o Gay men, bisexual men, transmen
o Injection drug users (nomenclature should be drug users)
Learned that the way that other drugs are used may lead to
blood-blood exposure.
Majority are poly-drug users
o Endemic Africa + Carribeans (higher risk than usual), WHO
identifies this. This means generalized epidemic. In Canada, it is
concentrated epidemic.
- Populations from these areas (heterosexual epidemic mainly), get non-
OHIP access to the prevention equipment.
- Aboriginal community have a drug card that gives them free access to
medication that help with AIDS.
- Women
- People with HIV do not want stigmatize them, allow thme to full sexual
AIDs Bureau
- 8 people, none have science credentials
- Couple of objective:
o Provision of funding to right individuals
o Also provide support (problem-solving, access to social services) to
newly diagnosis (doesn’t mean clinical care).
o Also pool of volunteers (condom distribution etc.)
o Needle exchanges (based in public health, local municipal
o Prevalence in Ontario: 56% prevalence (of ’08, seems old but
complex reason why) MSM IDU (group together both high risk).
o Heterosexual (15%) why so high? Sometimes people don’t know
their risk. For example, for women some may not know that their
partners have had drug use. Heterosexual is a “catch-all” area, not
really means heterosexual epidemic.
o North + Ottawa = drug users, rest of Canada is mostly gay
o Toronto, Ottawa, London/Hamilton = African/caribeean.
o Knowing prenatally HIV positive women can avoid their kids from
getting HIV.
o Highly stigmatized disease. Women has to give consent (no is
rationale, women may get kicked out by her spouse) to get a HIV
Legislation (is a policy) -> Regulation -> Policies how to distribute funding
Not just government, any agencies may also have policies.
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