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Lecture 2

PHE413 week 2 readings

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Human Biology

Week 2 Functional Assessment... severe disabilities  Assessment or present level and curriculum, how to present info  8 areas for assessment of severe or multiple disabilities 1. Medical and health background, medications and accommodations (feeding tube) 2. Functional positions + movement, where best movement occurs (chair) 3. Functional stationary positions (balance, how long) 4. Functional mobility, point A to B (walking, rolling) 5. Functional physical fitness (strength, flexibility) 6. Ball skills 7. Sensory processes, sensitivity to stimuli (autism and sound) 8. Communication skills, best way to present info, play behaviours, awareness of others Authentic assessment in APA  Dissatisfaction with assessment conduction and data use  Misuse of standardized test for determining indiv ed. Programs – may not be relevant for child, BOT + PDMS tests are objective and for natural enviro  Standardized tests don’t help in determining instructional techniques or making placement decisions, don’t provide info on what kids need to work on or how to learn new skills, test poor measure of how kids will succeed in general PE, cognitive attributes important factor in success  Only measure ability at 1 time in 1 context, may perform poorly under test conditions, tests conditions are artificial, educators encourage kids to apply knowledge to real life  They often use arbitrary letter grades, how does B translate into performance and
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