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Lecture 3

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Human Biology
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Week 3 Visual impairments...psychomotor behaviour  CV + muscular endurance, flexibility much lower in visually impaired, better if loss happened later in life, segregated enviro better for physical fitness and psychomotor skills, decreases fitness level b/c restrictions from parents and less opportunities  #/# - first number in what you can read at x feet and second is normal can read at x feet  Legal blindness = 20/200  Motor performance is lower than normal, ppl with partial sight do better than fully impaired  Motor dvlpmt is behind b/c must rely on auditory cues for discovery and growth Motor skills: children and adolescence  Motor skill performance in interaction b/w child (predisposition + impairments), environment (opportunities + barriers), and task characteristics  Can’t establish pattern b/w level of impairment and balance, locomotor skills, or object skills  Can’t establish pattern b/w age of impairment, gender, personality and ability level  Need more research b/c not enough evidence to create reliable correlations Eight training for individuals with visual impairments  evaluate + know when they lost vision and how much residual b/c some activity constraints  safety implications and awareness of surroundings  increase strength, posture, spatial awareness and kinaesthetic sense, and self confidence Week 4 Is physical
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