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Human Biology
Maria Papaconstantinou

Lecture Three – David Lloyd  FRS ( fellow of the Royal Society), FRSNZ (Fellow of the Royal Society New Zealand)  Natural historian and founder of the modern theory of plant reproduction  Developed the conceptual framework of plant biology and reproduction  He was the leading theoretician in the world  Most plant biology was imperial (descriptive), he want to change this  Born a twin and son of a dairy farmer in New Zealand  In school, he was more into physics; no indication of a liking for biology. The dairy farm could have contributed  His twin brother became an Economics Professor  Obtained a degree in Botany at the university of Canterbury  Won a scholarship to Harvard university  Went to Harvard to work on genetics, but did not like it  Did his PhD thesis on the evolution of selfing Leavenworthia  Took a course by Ernst Myer and was inspired, as well by E.O. Willson. Decided to go into evolution  Returns to New Zealand and obtains a faculty position at Chritchurch and stays there for the remainder of his career  Only trained 8 grad students; liked working on his own  Elected to FRS  Admitted to hospital in a coma and was blind and paralyzed until his death  Former partner Victoria Calder charged with poisoning Lloyd with acrylamide monomer (found in Victoria’s lab, used for gels) but was acquitted after two trials  Distinguished for his experimental and theoretical studies of sexuality in flowering plants and its cost and benefits o Brother who was an economists, looked at the cost/benefits theory/ David used this to relate it t
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