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Lecture 1 - History of Neuroscience: Before 1900

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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S Neuroscience L1 Jan 10 2012It is the air that gives the brain intelligenceCh 36catchup on electrophysiology not So didnt understand brain fn at allnecessaryQuiz in 2 weeks L 13 Ch 12 followed by Renaissance to 1800 Fluid Modelsneuroanatomy reviewDaVinci 1506 Cast ventricles to find where eyes activated moving fluidsHistory of NeuroscienceInjected casting wax into brain ventriclesLecture 1 Before 1900 Fluid and Electrical ModelsVesalius 1543 Anatomy of human brain with details Neurosci is a changing fieldof ventriclesKeep rethinking the brainGreatest anatomist of renaissanceWas hard to answer basic qsDetailed drawings of nerves coming from brain Level of uncertainty guesswork dif level of to internal organsignorance thru timeEntire bodyNot sure how to think about some things ex Drawings better than da vincipsychoses in terms of neuro circuitsHarvey 1628 Described circulation through Auditoryvisual most known systemsarteries veins and capillaries to heartDont need to know 3D neuroanatomy chemical Moving fluids do control fns of bloodstructuresCirculation from heart to arteries capillaries Do need to know names of stuffveins back to heartDif circulation thru lungsbrain than rest of 1900s Cajal Sherrington Pavlov decided neurosci bodyshould be integrated approachContinuous reservoir systemBefore 1800 Brainfluid conduate hydraulic fluid Driving force from heartmoved btwn eyes brains ventricles nerves Tremendous complexityrichness in vascular musclessystem explain lack of fn or improved fn in Like heartorgansHydrodynamic theoryCirculation theory supported fluids as basis th19 century Electrical theoriesfor higher body fnsInfluenced DescartesAncients Is Mental Activity in the Heart or BrainDescartes 1662 Fluid movements thru eye nerves Mental act
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