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Review Session #1

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S Review 1 Jan 13 2012Localized accumulation of ions at surface thQUIZ 10 pages til 19 century Cajal vs Golgi pullions towardsworks like 2 plate NamescapacitorIons move towards high resistance lipidPumps constantly workingReview Session 1 Resting Potentials and Gaps btwn channelsAction PotentialsPotentialsWhy Are Neurons Special All potentials result from ions moving AnatomyProcesses and Proteinsquickly across membranes ex K Na H Long process extending for mm dendrites Cl Ca ms axons ex sensory toemedulla Some can be prots too big to move fastlongestNa move fastest to produce act potsTubular systems to carry chemicals 2 forces on ions Chemical diffusion like structural protsmolec from high to low conc Electrical Making many prots intracellular signaling attractionrepulsionprots much more common in NSMembranes can prevent movementdiffusionFast Conduction of Action Potentials in If semipermeable selectivedistribution of AxonschargesUp to 130msMany neurons dont have act pots ex interneuronsdont need act pots short distanceTransmissionSynapses ElectricalsimpleChemical complex involves 100sof protsSignals go btwn cells at synapsesIntegrationPostsynaptic CellSome evidence of presynaptic integration nowEPSPs IPSPsPlasticityPresynaptic Terminal and Pumps Exchange IonsPostsynaptic CellAll cells have pumpsresting pots 40 to 90 mVResting PotentialPumps use ATP to exchange ionsNaK pump 3 Na out 2 K inCreate initial ion separation constantly workingCa pump Keeps powerful Ca ions outActivates kinases causes neurotransmitter releaseWant to keep out until neededConcs of ionspotentialsThese pots can be recorded w tiny microelectrode pipettePuncture cell 110 of mmimmediate pot Conc effectchange measured by reference electrode in bath w ions recording electrode outside cell in Concentration of Ions and State of Channels at Restbath where no pot060mV some variation 120 of a volt
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