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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Transmitters & Second Messengers

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S L4 Jan 18 2012ndTransmitters2 MsgersFridays review session basic synaptic transmissionTransmitters and Amino AcidsNE excitatoryinhibitory secretions ACh alphabeta in heartCNSGlutamate main excitatory in brain and Glycine inhibitor in spinalbrainstem are Amino Acidscan sometimes be excitatory GABA is quickly made from Glutamate by the enzyme Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase GADChange neuron from excitatory to inhibitoryGlutamate is major excitatory transmitterGlycineGABA not aa itself are major inhibitory transmittersMore GABA than anything in brain in 3050 of neuronsAch ExcitatoryInhibitory depends on recs it interacts wIdentified cell groups Ch18Cholinergic Cell Groups Ch16Ch 1hippocampalmemoryCh 2 3 4basal nucleiproject to entire cortico net excitatory effectCh 14 mainly project forwardMesopontine in brainstem at midbrain pontine borderCh 5 6excite thalamusdopamine neurons inhibit startleMany fnsCh 7 8 newly discovered project more locatedCatecholaminesTyrosine not catecholamineLDOPAcatecholamine main treatment for parkinsonsDopamine NorepinephrineEpinephrineForm cascadePresence of enzymes tells which transmitters foundAll have tyrosinehydroxylaseAll closely linked by precursor tyrosine aaIdentified cell groups in brain A117more in midbrainIndolamines double ring structureTryptophan5HydroxyTryptamine 5HTSerotoninmelatonin sleep peripheral glandular fnsIdentified cell groups B191960s by Swedish researchersNorepinephrine and Serotonin
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