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Review Session #3

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

Review Session 3 Integration of PotentialsNext strongest on soma and proximal closest to body dendrite shaftsComputation in Single NeuronsWeakest synapses on dendritic spines usually Thinking requires complex computation How excitatoryNeural computation occurs in postsynaptic cells by Net effect weaker as a fn of distance to integration of PSPs fastestrichestby axon hillockchanges in synapses recs enzymesslowerLarger neurons usually have more synapses more Based on 10s of 1000s of synapsesspines WhyStill have no sure idea how thoughts are represented Cortex hippocampus cerebellumin neurons or circuits only rough ideas of which brain Inhibition more important than excitationregions are important Doesnt explain how thinking occurs only Spineshow act pots generated in single neurons gives Problem Too many synapsestoo much ion a suggestion of howleakage along dendritesThoughts involve many brain areas working Integration not as good if synapses too together in currently unknown waysconcentratedconscious thinkingSolution Place synapses on many isolated spinesIntegration in the Cell and AxonAll spine synapses have equal access to dendrite shafts each spine produced equal synaptic effectdemocracy everyone has 1 vote small but fair effectBalanced contributionsBetter than having a few synapses at axon hillockSpine have less leakage often excitatory glutamate channelsAllows for lots of inputslots of excitationsIntegration of analo
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