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Review Session #4: Anatomy

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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S Feb 3 2012Review Session Brain AnatomyBrain DivisionsSpinal and Cranial Nerves31 Spinal Nerves Cervical 8 Thoracic 12 Lumbar 5 Sacral 5 Coccygeal 1Review p 227Cranial Nerves IXII Review p 233Parasympatheticoptic nerve pupil vagus visceral 789 salivationSpinal Nerves5 major brain divisionsclear in all developing vertebratesTelencephalon structureshard to defineMyelencephalonhighly myelinated whitestthMetencephalonchange 4 ventrical btwn ponscerebellumMesencephalonMidbrainTectum roofTegmentum floor ventralDescending PathwaysAll important for keeping eyes head neck in sync12 Cranial NervesReticulospinalstartleVestibulospinalstartle balance posture alignment stops from falling due to head accelerationRSVS Hindbrain pathways ventrally located travels in ventral columnventral hornTectospinalmainly crossed pathway from superior colliculusneck head eye neck movements for turningCell bodies in mid layer of s colliculus crosses under PAG where defense mechs locatedCervical motor neuronsLower motor nervesPonshorizontal eye movementsMidbrainvertical eye movementsRubrospinalTegmental spinal largestI entering thru diencephalonmore ventral limb movement from cortex body II entering thru hypothal continues to movementreintotectal pathwayCorticospinalfine movements in hands Cranial nerves III controls all muscles except for voluntarytrochlearabducens biggest IV twists eye See pp 453458sideways rotational correct VI turns eye outVtrigeminal main sensory for face tactile info Descending Tracts to Spinal Cordalso controls jaw muscles thru 1 of 3 branchesVIIfacial control of muscles for expression more important than sensory fnsVIIIvesitbulocochlearIXglossopharygeal tongue pharynxGoogle pneumonics to rmbron old olympus
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