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Review Session #4: Drug Abuse

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S Review Session 4 Feb 03 2012Infections ex HIVAIDSDrug AbuseCancer ex lung liver breastLife expectancyAbused DrugsBrain changesNicotinetar builds up cancer closely Cocaine Amphetamine Methamphetamineassociated IV userssharing needlesIllegal drugs less toxic less damagedeath infections like HIVsince less availableNot just brain effects have physiological changesNicotine2ndary psychological effects dependence Nicotine itself not damagingbut tar from tobacco causes cancerDependenceOpiatesPsychologicalphysiological effectsCannabisToleranceLoss of sensitivityBrain has own endogenous opiatesBest effect on first use less effect on next usecannabinoidsunderstanding on recs activationinvolves many physiological changesDopendogenous cocaine transmitter of its Body notices increase of substanceincreases ownmetabolismbroken down fasterTraditionally activate dop systemsstrength of Transporters recs input pathways changeproducing dop release related to abuse potentialBrain changes response via changes prots that Dop system itselfsensitive to these drugs process drugs rec turnoverbecomes more sensitive from repeated useif fewer recs or faster transport out less Tranquilizers and EthanoleffectNeed grams of alcohol for damageOppositeSensitizationIncreased dopamine Most damaging since available for usesensitivitybrain liver damageWithdrawalPhysical symptomsEcstasyBody adapts to dangerous changes in brain fn Withdrawalreaction uncomfortable sweaty Intakeshakingperipheral sympathetic of autonomic Direct injection into brainmost powerfulNS that has adapted to the drug presenceIntravenous heroinBrain changes in locus cereleusPAGdescending Next powerfulpathways that influence reaction to brain systems Dop release wi secondsvery powerful responding to drugsimmediate high correlated w fast activation of CravingLasts for months or yearsdopamine releaseAddicts change their lifestylesCharacteristic of a
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