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Review Session #5: Sleep Disorders & Retina

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S Feb 10 2012Tegmentum influenced by many transmitters NE Review Session 5 Sleep DisordersRetinaACh Serotonin lots of GABAGlutamateMolecular Model of Clock What is a good nights sleepNot the same for everyoneNo correct way for all pplEveryone has rhythmic cycle lots of variabilityFind at least 56hhrs of good sleepgetting enough REMslowwave sleep to fn better w brainWhen you sleepnot as important as getting sleep regularlyEx young adultslate nights social sex rebellionNoticeable age difEx babieswaking up every 4 hrsSlow feedback pathwaysants flies all vertebrates Ex children910hrshumansEx teensmore sleep in early teens then Same complements of genes controlling lessmolecular clockSleeping pillsinsomniaAll cells have own rhythm damped oscillation if Ppl who have insomnia or stay up latenot restored by input gradually disappearsdisrupted sleep tiredness poor performanceSCN maintains rhythm more stably rhythmic Easiest way to treatsleeping pillsdescending signals to parts of body to coordinate Most seriousoften cause of insomniasleeping rhythmspillsEx to pineal gland in birds heart liverEx solve jetlag get sleep when cant sleepGeneral mechanismDependent on sleeping pills cant sleep withoutClockcycledimerizeturn on expression Sleeping pills disrupt sleepof crytimDopamine stimulants NEreleasing drugs feedbackEx prevent REM sleepdont get right Dimerization of percry in mammalsform of sleepsleep disorderedsleep on activates clockwrong schedules feedbackBest treatment for sleep problemsregular Gene transcriptionprot dimerizationfeedbackschedule lots of exercise relaxed life w lots of General in all organismsstimulating work sleeping naturally once go to Tau
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