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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - Olfactory, Limbic, Hypothalamus, Pituitary

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S L12 Feb 15 2012So most complicatedmost dimensions of process than any other senseOlfactorybasis of limbicmemorySlow but precise to define the outsideOnly olfactory bulbprocess in fishHuman Olfactory AreasMain Olfactory Bulb InputsAxons from bulb sent to limbic systemAxelBuckMedial branch of olfactory nervetubercleOlfactory bulbcontrasts in decisionmaking in rats Lateral branchtemporal lobeamygdala humansAnd to olfactoryprepyriform cortex primary Humansreduce contribution of main olfactory olfactory cortex just outside amygdalasystemAnd to entorhinal cortexmain input to Olfaqctory genes discovered by axelbuckhippocampusMain bulb receieves input by primary rec cellscilia Wide distribution in frontaltemporal lobesw recs on tipsNo cortex in fish brain just direct olfactoryMake genes each 1 per neuron then make recs emotional areaon cilia that contact airMammalsmore connections to limbic systemEach cell only goes to particular glomerulussynaptic zoneOlfactory Projections in Rat BrainOrganization of complex signalsLeading to discovery of genesControl info reaching brian via mitral cellsEx all that express blue rec gene only go to blue glomerulusInfo segregatedOnce glomeruli activateddepolarize mitral cells that go into olfactory nerveLabelled lined going into brain defined by olfactory rec genes expressedNot 100 like thisOlfactory Receptor GenesExpressed 1 per cell not found in brainBuckAxelLarge proportion of genome but not all genes used2 glomerulionly 1cell1 at anterior end 1 at posterior redSo w 1 rec only respond to 1 kind of chemicalBlueentorhinal cortex amygdalaSimilar prots can have similar response but Segregation of info in eachcoded differentlyRed at one end blue at otherHumans lose receptivity compared to miceNot known why each glomerulus has a dif map that is 2000021000 genes in micehumans for olfactorymaintained in each olfactory area A bit less than 2 expressed in humans on theseDont know what means about smellolfactory recsLabeled lines held dif for each mapfnSegregation of processesOnce have olfactory coding code emotional or A few glomeruli that have inputs for 2 rec typesspecial info or memory bhvrsGeneticallydefined glomerulus certain responseNot sure howCN I goes directly to telencephalonAlso zones in olfactory epitheliablue tend to be in 100s of types of recs so hundreds of labeled linesdorsal red tend to be in ventral bands
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