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Review Session #6: Hormones & Human Obesity

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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S March 02 2012Review Session 6HormonesHuman Obesity Parasympathetic NSHormonesMany forms o Monoamines ex epinephrine o Peptides most common ex ACTH o Steroids ex testosteroneMany hormones are also transmitters o Epinephrine o Cholecystokinin CCK larger 8 aasMany brain sites have recs esp in GABA neurons in limbic o Corticotropin Releasing Hormone CRH release of steroid hormones from adrenal glandAlso transmitter in amygdalalimbic systemPituitary releasing hormone found in hypothalWhat is a transmitter vs a hormoneo Ex NE Epinephrine adrenal medulla o Same molec can have dif fns in dif brain areas o Hormone circulates in bloodstream o Transmitter acts locally by release into specific brain site Pheromoneso Distributed by airborne communication btwn animals as Hormonal Feedback opposed to within own body Dont want to mix up transmitterhormone effectssegregate peripheralcentral effectsRegulate circulating hormones by pit gland viafdbkHormone in bloodstream builds upchanges metabolic rate bhvr o Too muchdisorganization of bhvrbody anatomymust be turned offRecs in pithypothal needed for turning off If hormones
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