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Review Session #8:

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S March 16 2012Evidence that during middle pregnancyGABAergic Review Session 8 controlling neuronsprotection against emotionaldisorders that happen when loss of controlNot many difs from other mammals in our brain except forEpileptic seizuressometimes bizarre feelingsprefrontal cortex experiences just before seizure aurasoveractivation ofSchizoleft temporal lobe delusionsdisordered speech glutamate neurons o Frontal cortexfunny Amygdalaemotional Hippo Penfields interest in left temporal lobe experienceso Loss of inhibition1950sbelieved mental disorders untreatable untilMovement away from basic dopamine fnsbasic antipsychotic drugs chlorpromazinechlorazine found neurotransmitter theories of depression o Neuroleptics discovered via trialerror o Something about these transmitters can interact wWork on dop neurons particularly by blocking dop2 recs higher brain changes in limbic system o 1970sSeeman John Hopkins grpMovement away from brainstem transmitters to limbic o Follow recsunderstand how disorders work system disruptionsperspectives1980s Antidepressants lithium SSRIsbenzoso 1 per decadeQ Are these disorders memory disorders o No great breakthrus since 1990s ProzacSSRIsPpl wonder if era of drug discovery has slowed even tho more spending Errors in psychiatry created Since can reverse mental disorders w drugs what r causes in first place o Ex delus
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