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Does the brain change Plasticity the quality of being easily made into different shapes Oxford learners dictionary Debate The Brain is Fixed The Brain is Plastic Addictions Learn to play musical instrumentLearn to be addicted AdvantagesDisadvantagesFixedReflexes If some hits your patellar tendon by the knee they will get kicked in the face There is a sensory loop with a direct connection and it activates the muscle quickly This circuit doesnt need to go straight to the brain because the spinal cord is right there it does go to the brain therefore you can modify it ex PinchingImportant Concepts 1 language of the CNS is very different from the language of the world brain feels and sees in electrical signalsmakes physical stimuli into electrical signals 2 more than one muscle that controls just about every joint in our body one extends and one flexesopposing pairsMassive Parallel Processor you dont want both of them going at the same time there is inhibition of the opposite muscle Women with balance issue She kept wobbling and suggested that there was a noise in her brain t
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