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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Pair bonding and love.docx

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Human Biology
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Lecture 9 Brain differences montaine vs prairie voles one seems to form stable bonds while the other one doesntprairie voles have more oxytocin receptorsrat brain coronal sectioncontrolled behavior AVP and OXY act on specific brain regions Females block oxytocin signaling in prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens and this stop partner preferenceIn males antagonists can block partner preferenceventral pallidum important for partner preferenceBlocking partner preference reason blocking reinforcement pathway for being with the partner Behavior is the focus maybe they cant tell the partner and stranger apartcould be smellHow to test Reward association task What do AVP and Oxytocin do They both have an implication in social recognition Tested by stranger preference test in mice If you have mice together and they are not allowed to ma
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