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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
William Ju

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION AND CANCERDr Fabians last lectureChronic disease is a longlasting condition that is the major cause of premature death It can also be defined as noncommunicable lasting recurrent and without primary microbial cause but can occurHuman interaction with microbes are complex and vary to cause acute illnesses infectious disease or chronic illness chronic diseaseMany chronic diseases do in fact have infectious origins eg cervical cancer HPV liver cancer Hepatitis B and C virus peptic ulcer Helicobacter pylori and rheumatoid arthritis anaerobe Porphyromonas gingivalisInflammation is good in the shortterm but longterm can be detrimental Signs include rednesspain swelling and heatAcute leads to progressive healingNonspecific reaction normally exudative of immune system vascularised tissue to local injury that is a fundamental mechanism of the homeostasis Changes occur within minutes or several hours days Helps heal injures and protects from infections by sealing injury site and destroying damaged tissue and kill invading bacteria ie isolates and limits tissue damage by rapid localisation of unhealthy cellsMediated by distress signals mast cells release chemicals to induce vasodilationconstriction to attract neutrophilsmacrophages secrete cytokines and chemokines to attract immune cellsInflammation controlled by antiinflammatory molecules chill out molecules to stop inflammation from spreading Damaged can be repaired by regeneration or replacementChronic leads to progressive destruction found in most crippling diseasesoHyperactive inflammatory response destroys healthy tissue to cause more damage than original issue so can become selfperpetuating iefeedbackoMore variable than acute inflammation since it leaves the immune system without control ie several forms of tissue reactions over long period of timeeg injury from persistence or repetition of TBimmune response
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