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Lecture 4

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Human Biology
William Ju

Lecture 4220314NEUROBIOLOGY OF PLACEBO EFFECTSHedges g is a statistical measure of effect size efficacy where the graph showsresponse value withuse in all drugs due to placebo effect how mind influences body Eg Increase placebo response in new antidepressants trialsPlacebo effect was shown to be effects of the imagination by Franklin and Lavoisier using animal magnetism to induce healing effects Effects were real but there was no animal magnetismPlacebo is the gold standard which is very powerfulst1 clinical drug trial with doubleblinded and placebocontrolled setting showed placebo just as effective as actual drug morphinePlacebo works best against analgesiapain psychiatric disorders and Parkinsons disease but NOT against degenerative bone disease nor cancer etcExpectancy mediates placebo as patients believe and condition themselves behaviourally via patientphysician interactio
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