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Guest Lecturer on Feb. 2nd

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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology

ndLecture 4February 2Where is Global What is healthEveryone being healthyWhy would someone in Toronto help someone in Africa o We have the power to do so o We can help people who are less well offPhysical mental social wellbeing is defined as health Are careers in quantifying suffering ethicalWhat is healthGlobal processes o For exampletrade etc o Transfer of disease for example malaria which is due to colonization and the slave tradeThere are people who will resist the processes of us trying to help themTheres distrust in the pharmaceutical companies Infant MortalityDisproportionate to their populationIndia AfricaSame with maternal mortalityeven more so in Indiao NoteChina and India have similar population size but different rates of IM and MM MalariaAfrica Caused by the slave trade TB13 of the world population PovertyRelationship between economics and healthIndiaespecially central IndiaEven more people poor than in Africa 1500sIndia and China had the most economic activitytherefore wealth concentration changed Capitalchanged from one place to another o Determined by people wherewill go Relationship between health outcomes and the conditions in which they were born are there Why is infant mortality rate importantShows resources available for kidsNutrition availability Poverty as a determinant of HealthThere are gradients of health even within a country
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