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What is Genetics? How is Genetics relevant to you? *Genetics: the science of inheritance •What is inherited? •How is it inherited? •Where does heritable variation come from? •How do heritable traits change over time? [Why do we care Genetics?--medicine] -many common and rare diseases/resistances (AIDS, malaria) are inherited [Ultimate Goals of Medical Genetics] 1) New treatments- identifying disease genes helps in efforts to cure 2) Diagnosis and prediction - Do I have a (presymptomatic) disease, what is the chance my child will? 3) Gene therapy - Replacement of diseased gene with ‘normal’ gene: still experimental 4) Pharmacogenomics - How does my genetic makeup affect my response to drugs? [Genetics in Business] Job: genetic prediction = genetic counselling Company banking human genetics [Ethical concerns] -screening: how to interpret probability of disease -privacy (employers, insurance) -gene therapy (which point is normal? disorder?) [Why do we Care Genetics?—Agriculture] -crop and livestock improvement (genetic engineering is widespread in Canada) Ex) more, high quality products, and long term survival against past or other disease [Why do we car
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