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Human Biology
Stephen Wright

LECTURE 05 January 25 Go beyond Mendelian inheritance to some degree Know these terms on Extensions to Mendels laws slide For exam!!! No reaction to Mendels paper silence WHY? Obscure journal in which Mendel published Too mathematics-heavy for the time Immediately applicable to peas and the particular crosses he focused on 3:1 ratio apply to other organisms? Even with peas, results did not fit perfectly always Not everything fits with Mendels proposed 3:1 ratio .so, perhaps understandable that Mendel was ignored o 3:1 sometimes achieved 1 camp Mendel are not universally applicable Return to blending inheritance idea VERSUS another camp Championed by Bateson Advocated that Mendel discovered something key, fundamental Different ratios in progeny then these ratios can be explained and STILL apply Mendels law of independent assortment and equal segregation Mendels results o Dominance and recessiveness o Genotype is where Mendels laws will ALWAYS apply o What changes is the relationship between genotype and phenotype ************* o Mendels laws are applying in general, universally o Dominance and recessiveness may be particular to the traits in question Inbred red line with inbred white line o F1 was pink o Seemingly proving blending inheritance o F2 had red, pink, and white exactly the proportions expected under Mendels genotype ratios o Mendels laws are applying perfectly o Heterozygote has new phenotype pink o Notation notes: incomplete dominant (not clear which is dominant) RW for heterozygote IN HUMANS. o Mutation leading to high level of bad cholesterol
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