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Human Biology
Stephen Wright

LECTURE Feb.1.2011 Do not care about which disease is dominant or recessive A bit more on ABO A blood types produce A antigens, expressed on surface of RBC Would not produce A antibodies otherwise, ill Type A blood produces B antibodies With blood transfusion transfusing the red blood cells antibodies are in serum, not transferred Type O no antigens produced only receive blood from other Type O and Sex-linkage and chromosome theory Dihybrid cross passed on together (yellow, also round) OR independent segregate Mendel saw independent assortment for the seven traits he examined Might not always be true o Traits cosegregate in progeny so probability of passing on one allele is no longer independent of passing on another allele Effects with linkage SSgg x ssGG -> SsGg -> ?? Maybe the sG are linked in parental generation Can only make two phenotypes the parental ones o So only have sG and Sg o So genotypes of progeny can only be ssGG and SsGg and SSgg Three types of progeny o Round and red is ssgg Mendel expect 116 But with linked expect 0 because it was not a parental gene o THIS DOES OCCUR IN NATURE if genes really close together on same chromosome, assortment no longer independent not all possible progeny result only parental types result in the gametes Mendelian inheritance Boveri and Sutton independently working Around the time Mendel was being rediscovered o 23 sets of chromosomes in humans o Two copies of each -> 46 chromosomes in total Terminology Two copies of parental chromosomes homologous chromosomes o 23 sets of homologous chromosomes Non homologous chromosomes chromosome 2 and 21
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