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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
Stephen Wright

DNA from the organism extractedcut into fragments with enzymes Fragments separated into groups of fragments of different sizes fractionated by using electrophoresis Fragments are blotted onto a piece of porous membrane where they maintain the same relative positionsSOUTHERN blotprobe for SPECIFIC DNASouthern Blot the transfer of electrophoretically separated fragments of DNA from a gel to an absorbents sheet such as paper this sheet is the immersed in a soln containing a labeled probe that will bind to a fragment of interestheat DNAseparate strands the membrane is placed in a soln of the probe The singlestranded probe will findbind to its complementary DNA sequence On the blot this binding concentrates the label in one spotrelevant DNA on gel is revealedFind SETS of GENESuse DNA microarray genome wide probing array of DNA fragments representing all the genes in a genome can be glued to the surface of a glass slideMICROARRAY Probes used are usually complex mixtures made by converting mRNAs from one tissue into DNA cDNA Bathed microarray in labeled probe where they bind which genes are being transcribed in the tissueuse PCR polymerase chain reaction to detect homologs of a region of an unk
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